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Track It!

Myah is our first dog to venture into the performance end of things.

We knew with her pedigree, it would probably be a given that she'd be raring to go, but would we?

So, when Myah was not yet 4 months old, we all went to her first tracking class. This was her first real exposure to the sport with us as handlers...but her breeder Mike was nearby (he was teaching the class )

That first weekend we were all a little unsure of what was going on. Heck, truth be told though, Myah probably knew better than the rest of us.

We continued on, practicing at home, also switching handlers, laying tracks for each other - and just hoping we were on the right path (no pun intended).

Spring came that year and Mike sent out his e-mail informing folks of another class being scheduled. We figured we really needed a refresher, so back to Bowling Green we went in past April, nearly a year after our introduction to this sport.

Well, Pat & Myah persevered and finally decided early in the Fall... we thought Myah was ready.

After locating an AKC tracking judge who could observe Myah tracking and certify her to actually enter an AKC TD event - off to Dover we went. Unfortunately, a new distraction (deer beds) presented themselves and Myah was just too intrigued.

After several more weeks of practice, we made another jaunt back to Dover and Yeah!!!!! She was certified. It's quite obvious now, Myah absolutely loves tracking - I really do believe, this is her 'thing'.

We then proceeded to check the schedules and find several TD tests scheduled this fall in the Ohio & Michigan area, entered a few and after a road trip to Lansing - to a great club and wonderful local - she did it. She found the glove!!