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In May 2010 we decided to give the world of UKC shows a try. Knowing next to nothing on how they were organized, etc., we obtained a registration number for Myah & set out with travel trailer in tow - to spend the weekend at one of these UKC weekends.

So, up to Ravenna OH we went, entered Myah in the days' 2 shows and then waited to see how the day would unfold. After quite a bit of waiting the the judging order was posted for the Gun Dog group. The entry for this day's first show was 1 Sussex, 1 Field (Myah), a handful of labs & a handful of Goldens (both the lab & Goldens entries included Grand Champions amongst their entries). Myah earned her first breed points and went on to earn a Grp 3 - thus counting as her first 'win with competition'. With that, we were pretty encouraged & were ready for the afternoon show to get underway. The rest of the afternoon wasn't quite as positive and then the skies just let loose. It rained & then poured...we barely got out of the Group ring ....back to the Suburban & the skies let loose - yet again! Time to call it a day for Saturday.

We were there, set up for the weekend at the campground so figured, let's go back and see what happens Sunday.

Saturday's judges were 2 men, Sundays are 2 women. Similar entry as Saturday AM, the Sussex is back & a handful of labs & Goldens... more labs today & I honestly don't remember the breakdowns other than I know there were, again, more Grand Champions in both labs & Goldens.

Myah again got 25 points and BOB for Fields, back into the soggy, squishy ring. Similar line-up as Saturday, but different lab & possibly a different Golden pulled this time. Pat was taking her in this morning, waiting for the judges comments on the Group - then lo & behold... Myah got a Group 1 in the Gun Dog group - beating everyone.. including the Grand Champion lab & Golden!!! Holy COWW!!!!!! That was definitely her 2nd win with competition. On to the ring for BIS!!!! Unlike the AKC, the UKC awards a BIS and a Reserve BIS... but it wasn't to be this time for Myah. That's okay though....the Group 1 is awesome!!!

Then, one more time...Sunday afternoon... I took her in this time ....competing against the labs & Goldens some more - Myah got the Group 2 behind the Golden - her 3rd win with Competition & her U-CH!!!